Writing moderation that improves instructional practice & student learning

A practical workshop for principals and middle leaders who are looking to:

We will demonstrate how a practical & clearly structured moderation process for writing can become a valuable professional development activity for teaching teams that directly impacts student learning

Moderation practices must link collaborative assessment to improved instructional practice.  Therefore, the moderation processes we implement should engage teachers, develop their professional practice and directly lead to better learning outcomes for students.

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Workshop Outline

PART 1 – Unpacking the steps of moderation and identifying those that have most impact on improving instructional practice across a school and delivering better learning outcomes for students.

We will discuss the types of moderation and describe how they impact teaching & learning.  A step-by-step moderation process will be presented and the most important parts will be unpacked in a practical way to clearly explain how they can impact professional practice across a school.

PART 2 – The moderation concepts presented in Part 1 will be put into practice with a short hands-on demonstration where you will see high-impact moderation processes in action and how they can improve teaching and learning.

We will give participants access to the Scriibi tools (optional) to assess a writing sample, identify student needs and develop a targeted teaching & learning cycle based on evidence.  We will guide and support you through each step and you will see how this approach to moderation presented builds teacher professional practice capability and maximises student learning opportunities.

Scriibi helps schools:

  • Develop a whole school common language and shared understanding of the qualities of good writing
  • Assess with consistency and accuracy, across a whole school, using a VIC curriculum aligned rubric
  • Use data to inform teaching and provide timely and specific feedback to students
  • Set individual and achievable writing goals that supports independence and self-reflection
  • Build teacher capability through our Professional Development Series and on-demand pedagogical support
Thursday 4h August.
Afternoon Session
Friday 5th August.
Morning Session